This is a common question of special concern for working pet owners trying to provide proper care for their dogs while balancing against the need to be away at their work. As COVID-19 protocols start settling in and new work patterns are established, our dogs may find new routines in their households.

Each dog has an individual personality. Some can relax in a quiet house, patiently waiting for their people to return. Others will become frantic, nervous, or frightened if left alone for even a few minutes. Some can settle, waiting in a confined kennel space, perhaps with favorite toy and water and treat, with the door latched until released. Others can be left in the house to wander, find food and water as needed, and settle calmly until their people return.

All will need to be allowed outside to relieve themselves. How long they can wait is dependent on the breed, age, and health of the dog. 

The following article gets into detail on these and more issues related to social isolation. A number of solution alternatives are reviewed. Of course, Peak Advantage is here to help by taking them out for walks periodically, or even to just have playtime in the year or patio.  

Find more in a recent article from the Whole Dog Journal, by Nancy Tucker, CPDT-KA, p



Peak Advantage mourns the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. The lives of Black people matter now, as they have always mattered, though we have been ignorant of and often biased against Our Black people.

Racism has no place in the community. Peak Advantage is standing with the Black community in support of justice, fairness, equality, and opportunity. In addition to denouncing racism, Peak Advantage does not accept any form of white supremacy. Racism and the resulting discrimination must be permanently eliminated.

This message of solidarity merely takes note of our awareness and our desire to take action from this point. We are educating ourselves on the 400 years of racist history to learn from our errors. We are actively listening to the Black community for guidance on actions that will lead to removing barriers and building structures of equality and opportunity quickly. We know we have work to do now.

Service is the basis of our mission to our community. Every day, we deliver services to our pet parent community built on love. We extend that love as we strive to understand how better to serve everyone and provide opportunities equally. Peak Advantage stands with Black lives. Know that we are committed to doing this work with our community now.



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Professional Overview:

Peak Advantage, Inc. was formed in 2019 to formalize the pet care services after performing 100s of walks and care visits. Peak Advantage is insured (Chubb policy D94936603) and locally licensed. Background checks are complete, resulting in the highest ratings on all of the commercial pet care matching services.

Personal Background:

Having enjoyed raising and caring for pets my entire life, from my childhood and through my own children's growing up period, and now their families' dogs, I am now happily serving all kinds of pets, especially dogs. Over the years I've developed relationships with many dogs including 4 German Shepherds, 1 Mastador, 1 Pitbull mix, 1 Collie, and other mixed-breed dogs. Most of these have been rescued and or foster dogs. These are especially welcome. Being retired from the big business life, I am renewed and excited by delivering pet services, especially to include your dog into the schedule as often as you need.

A key success factor with pets, especially dogs, is patience. Like people, dogs respond best when they are respected and have established a healthy relationship with their humans. Knowing their personality and background is really beneficial for setting the best approach with a new dog for the human's safety as well as for establishing rapport. Usually, the dog will feel most at ease when I kneel or sit on the ground or floor to be at their eye level and let them come to me as they feel safe. Gentle talking, eye contact, and careful open-hand touch from front and below the face reduce their fear. As confidence is generated, respect establishes, and pack position is determined. The human has to be in a superior pack position to be able to lead and control. With the roles and relationships established, the dog and I are able to thoroughly enjoy sharing walks and sitting time together. It is also important to note that each pet is unique and must be considered individually. In addition to the unique personality and background of the dog, puppies, high-energy, fearful, anxious, elderly dogs each requires specialized approaches for establishing the relationship so ncessary for success. 

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Competitive Pricing

Pricing is competitive. There is no need to pay for the added overhead of match-making services. Peak Advantage provides photos, videos, route maps with timing, and summary reports. Services are very flexible. Introduction discounts are available as are Customer Appreciation Offers. And Peak Advantage, Inc. is insured and licensed for your protection. All background checks are complete, current, and all have received the highest ratings.

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Peak Advantage Pet Service providers are actively following safeguards consistent with CDC guidelines.

In order of priority, providers do the following:

  • Physical Distance - maintain 6' free space when outside
  • Mask - when approaching the door or inside your residence, and when in crowded spaces outside
  • Hand Sanitizer - carried in the vehicle, used between customer visits
  • Hand Washing - upon entering your residence, before touching any surface, when available
  • Sanitizing Wipes - after returning your pet, touched surfaces are wiped down including leash, kennel doors and latches, hand rails, door handles, locks, lockboxes, etc.


Studies have NOT determined that transmission occurs between humans and animals. However, the virus has been detected in some domestic animals. 

  • Our best practice is to prevent contact between animals when outside the residence.
  • The 6' safe physical distance is maintained. 


See the links for more detailed information about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease. 





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