Peak Advantage mourns the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. The lives of Black people matter now, as they have always mattered, though we have been ignorant of and often biased against Our Black people.

Racism has no place in the community. Peak Advantage is standing with the Black community in support of justice, fairness, equality, and opportunity. In addition to denouncing racism, Peak Advantage does not accept any form of white supremacy. Racism and the resulting discrimination must be permanently eliminated.

This message of solidarity merely takes note of our awareness and our desire to take action from this point. We are educating ourselves on the 400 years of racist history to learn from our errors. We are actively listening to the Black community for guidance on actions that will lead to removing barriers and building structures of equality and opportunity quickly. We know we have work to do now.

Service is the basis of our mission to our community. Every day, we deliver services to our pet parent community built on love. We extend that love as we strive to understand how better to serve everyone and provide opportunities equally. Peak Advantage stands with Black lives. Know that we are committed to doing this work with our community now.