This is a common question of special concern for working pet owners trying to provide proper care for their dogs while balancing against the need to be away at their work. As COVID-19 protocols start settling in and new work patterns are established, our dogs may find new routines in their households.

Each dog has an individual personality. Some can relax in a quiet house, patiently waiting for their people to return. Others will become frantic, nervous, or frightened if left alone for even a few minutes. Some can settle, waiting in a confined kennel space, perhaps with favorite toy and water and treat, with the door latched until released. Others can be left in the house to wander, find food and water as needed, and settle calmly until their people return.

All will need to be allowed outside to relieve themselves. How long they can wait is dependent on the breed, age, and health of the dog. 

The following article gets into detail on these and more issues related to social isolation. A number of solution alternatives are reviewed. Of course, Peak Advantage is here to help by taking them out for walks periodically, or even to just have playtime in the year or patio.  

Find more in a recent article from the Whole Dog Journal, by Nancy Tucker, CPDT-KA, p