Peak Advantage Pet Service providers are actively following safeguards consistent with CDC guidelines.

In order of priority, providers do the following:

  • Physical Distance - maintain 6' free space when outside
  • Mask - when approaching the door or inside your residence, and when in crowded spaces outside
  • Hand Sanitizer - carried in the vehicle, used between customer visits
  • Hand Washing - upon entering your residence, before touching any surface, when available
  • Sanitizing Wipes - after returning your pet, touched surfaces are wiped down including leash, kennel doors and latches, hand rails, door handles, locks, lockboxes, etc.


Studies have NOT determined that transmission occurs between humans and animals. However, the virus has been detected in some domestic animals. 

  • Our best practice is to prevent contact between animals when outside the residence.
  • The 6' safe physical distance is maintained. 


See the links for more detailed information about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease.